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Some companies are controlled by rules, others are controlled by a hierarchy. However, is controlled by the following values:

Fast & Accurate

Talking about digital certainly cannot be separated from speed. is connected to the world to bring the latest news in a very short time. We know that saying something can change the world. By working quickly and accurately, we make sure that nothing of your precious time is wasted.

Creative & Innovative

Digital is a futuristic product packed full of entertainment and fun. However, does not only carry good news. is also committed to facing new challenges. We believe that challenges are opportunities. So, we convey ideas and concepts with the latest packaging. This is what makes different from the others.


Genius without integrity is nonsense. In order to create a masterpiece, we need not only a passionate dreamer or a wise thinker, but also a sincere collaborating worker. Innovations and ideas that have been spoken must become real things and actually be carried out. We believe your actions will define who you really are.

Our Teams

WRITER (SR Journalist)

Responsible for the search and dissemination of information on domestic news collected by traditional means and modern media which will add to the production and high standard news content of


Minimum 3 years work experience. Requires a writer with a language style that is easy to understand, relates to other people, and the accuracy of production content according to deadlines. Has news search capabilities and the ability to overcome deadlines. Have good ability in Indonesian and English.


A strong candidate must be able to demonstrate aptitude for writing, create new stories that are more relatable, and have extensive knowledge of global news and lifestyle.


Fresh graduates or beginners are also encouraged to register. Requires a writer with a language style that is easy to understand, relates to other people, and the accuracy of production content according to deadlines. Have high curiosity about news and lifestyle.


Candidate must have experience in concept development and art directing. Candidates must be able to convey ideas into something beautiful, international standard, on-air design which has informative content in it.


Graphic Design/Visual Communication Design/Creative Multimedia or similar fields. Proficient in applying Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe in Design, and other design software. Having the ability to create animated graphics and web design is an advantage.


The web programmer is responsible for converting the software design program into a set of instructions that can be understood by the computer. Expertise in a wide variety of programming terms is required.


Computer science, has basic skills in web programming knowledge, has good experience with PHP and Java Script. Have an understanding of Linux operations, W3C standards, updates on website technology developments, as well as an understanding of programming terms and their environment, which includes CSS, HTML, XML, and Json. Proficient in database management using MySQL or PostgreSQL.

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